In 2006 the Flight For Life team raised over £30,000 for charity.

September 2008 will see the Microlight Endurance Team attempt to make a multi record breaking return trip to AFRICA.

The plan is to fly across France, around the east of the Pyrenees, through Spain, across the med and into Morocco.

Then it's back up the east coast up of Spain, around the Alps, and finally returning within 10 Days.

This means more world records, more money raised.


We are now seeking additional corporate sponsorship for this event.

If you would like to enquire about the benefits of sponsoring us please email flightforlife.


Using the latest computerised navigation system, the route has been meticulously designed.

On-Route charts are then printed off for each leg including lists of radio frequencies, and possible diversion airports.

The information is then programmed into the GPS's. 

Each aircraft has an Aviation GPS (a bit like an in-car system but with airspace and airports instead of roads) with battery backup. 

The planned route:

The main issue on the route is the Pyrenees, and Spanish microlight rules.  This large mountain range is not very forgiving for small aircraft and has caused a large number of fatalities over the years.  So the team will be going around the edges. and therefore they have 2 options east or west.


The preferred western route will save time, but each leg is longer and lower and the whole route is more susceptible to weather. 

The Eastern route is more aircraft friendly but will take longer to complete.


The team will plan for both routes and make a decision depending on weather conditions whilst flying through France.


Here you can download a PDF file with details on the EAST and WEST routes.


The Spanish have special rules for Microlights which will make our tip even more difficult challenging!

 Microlights are not allowed in any controlled airspace.

This means a long (time consuming) and winding route around and under the vast areas of restricted airspace.

Microlights are not allowed to fly over 300m above ground. This is more dangerous than it sounds.  If you have a problem with the aircraft, the higher you are the more chance you have of gliding to a safe landing.  At less than 1000 feet the gliding range is VERY limited. If you combine this with the mountains and rocky terrain of Spain and you will appreciate our concerns.