Craig Hyder   03/05/71 – 18/03/05

" I, Craig Hyder am currently suffering from a rare brain tumor.

This was diagnosed three years ago as non-curable.

I was given within this time a life expectancy of two months.

The first of nine operations (please see the first photo below), took thirteen hours and took place at the only specialist neurological unit in the South - Hurstwood Park in Haywards Heath. 

This was followed by intense Radiotherapy and was stopped after the ninth treatment out of thirty, due to severe side effects.

The other eight operations were all performed within the last ten months, again at Hurstwood Park, and during all this time I have had endless holistic and emotional support from The Martlets Hospice, in Hove, East Sussex. 

I have continually battled against all odds .


The pictures show me going through some amazing changes from happy, (although still searching to find myself) to soul enriched. 

My journey would not have been possible without help from both Hurstwood Park and The Martlets Hospice. 

Knowing life’s pleasures were not in the taking but in the giving before the tumor's diagnosis, imagine just how life enhanced mine has become. "


Craig Died on the 18th March 2005 at the Martlets Hospice.

After being diagnosed with Cancer and given 6 weeks to live, Craig battled through it for 4 years, all of this time staying positive, and optimistic.

He is still the inspiration behind the flight for life team.

A great friend,  his wicked sense of humour will be sadly missed.



Craig had an idea to raise money for charity. 

He called it 'flight for life'.