Photo Gallery

The Flight for Life team positioning the aircraft for a newspaper photo shoot.

It may be micro-light, but it still feels heavy when you have to push it across the grass.


Above and Below: Les and Dave sitting in the sun at 3,200 feet in the original Aircraft G-MYGH.


Tony with his Mum before take-off in Mondovi, Italy, (2000). A special thanks to Giovanni Aimo - the best Balloon instructor in the world! Also a record holder.


Another balloon at Cuneo airport, Italy. This balloons envelope measured 65,000 ft sq - relatively small in the ballooning world. Carries 2-3 people - no in-flight entertainment apart from Tony's jokes!



Doing the pre-flight checks on the school aircraft, a thruster sprint, and the superb view from 1,700 feet.



Take-off from Deanland Airfield, and the first solo.

Although it looks like a normal Cessna type plane from these pictures, when you get up close you can see that's it's made from steel and alloy tubes covered in Dacron cloth that's held on with string and Velcro (see above), in fact the whole aircraft only weighs 31stone.

Once you've finished flying, you fold up the wings, and put it away in a converted trailer.

The wingspan of the Rans is over 35', and it can fly at 17,000', travel at speeds up to 110mph, and fully fuelled it can carry 30 stone (handy for Les!).

Dave's not looking happy above, maybe he's just realised that it's his turn to wind up the elastic band on the engine again.

Here's our old Rans with it had it stickers fitted from 2006 sponsor Version One Ltd. 


Here is a picture of one of the film cameras fitted to the aircraft, this will be used to make the DVD

The flight for life aircraft parked next to the 'Memphis Belle' at Duxford.


The lovely sky at Fife.


Les and his Jabiru UL450. 


Note the control column is in the centre of the two seats. - the large boot area.


The Jabirus alloy 2.2lt engine, and the comprehensive panel. 


Dave with the "I'm glad we're on the ground" look.


Dodgy registration...... 


This is why you tie the aircraft down with BIG strapps. 


Flying G-MYGH to the Isle of Wight.